Thursday, May 29, 2008

Last Days

Today is Valerie's last day of work. I am sure there will be some emotion throughout today for her.

In 1 week is Cooper's last day of school.

It is all so close, yet seems so far away.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our Crazy Weekend

Memorial Day weekend marked Val's last call days. For that we are very excited.

On Sunday, the boys and I were out running errands when we walked into Target, all of a sudden the alarms started going off and then it started hailing. The hail was golf ball to baseball size. At first a lot of people were standing at the doors watching. They then ushered everyone to the dressing room areas where we stood around listening to the hail hit the roof.

Our house took some damage and has big holes in the siding. Val was at home when it happened.

Monday I woke up to a lovely breakfast that included bacon (enough said.)

Val went to do rounds and I was sitting on the couch with Lincoln when he smacked me in the eye. It hurt like the dickens.

A couple of hours later when Val got home I took my first trip to the Monti ER. I ended up with a corneal abrasion. There was a lot of pain Monday. Today the pain is relatively low, although my vision is still fuzzy.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


In 2 weeks Cooper has his last day of school. Immediately following that we head out of MN for the last time.

In 1 week Valerie has her last day of work. Never to take call again.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my wonderful, caring, loving, intelligent, beautiful, amazing wife!

I cannot imagine my life without you in it. You still make me look forward to the future.

A Busy Weekend

It has been a busy weekend at the Welch Family Circus.

- Friday was Grandparents Day at school. Cooper has been disappointed in the past that he wasn't able to have grandparents up for Grandparents Day, so this year we planned ahead so that he could have his grandparents there. This will be their last trip to MN to visit us.

- I spent Friday morning getting our deck finally ready to stain when I got a call from my pastor saying they needed some help with a video for Sunday. Several people came over and we reviewed what they had, and then asked if I could put something together for Sunday. I mentioned that I was just getting ready to stain my porch, so they chipped in and we had 6 people working on staining the front porch.

- Friday night the grands took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese while Val and I went to the city to a fancy restaurant. Lincoln now wants to go to CEC everyday.

- Saturday was the all city garage sale. The kids made out like bandits, Val got a lot of "new" clothes. I stayed up until 2 am working on the video for church. But I did get it done.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

House Photos

Don't have time to write a lot right now, but here are some pictures of the house. We will close on the house June 9th.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

House Hunting

Here we are in STL.

We left Thursday and got to STL Friday around noon. We went house hunting Friday and most of the day Saturday.

At 9:58 last night we had a contract on a house.

It doesn't have a pool, but it has 1.4 acres and an AWESOME kitchen.

Hopefully we will get some pictures up when we get back to MN.

It is rainy here, but its not snowing!

Happy Mother's Day!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wish I Would Have Written That Wednesday

I am starting one of those blog things that I most likely won't follow up on, but seemed like a good idea at the time.

So, from around the blogs I read here are some of the things I wish I had written.

CoolDad pays tribute in poetry to one of our favorite restaurants. I am excited to move to a place southern enough to have them.

At Kamp Krusty Brant has started a series If Jesus had a blog in which he takes stories from the Bible, translates them into English, and puts them up as a blog entry. Somehow they are just as controversial today.

This one is a little older, but Cindy was asked by one of the leaders of her church for input about the future of the church. What she wrote may be the definitive two paragraphs about how a lot of us are feeling about our churches.

100 Days

So, our house has been on the market for 100 days* today.

We have had some interest in the house and we continue to have showings but an actual bid eludes us to this date. We are still hopeful that as spring finally seems to arrive here in Minnesota that our house will get sold.

The bad news is half the houses in our neighborhood are for sale, the good news is we are still on the low end so I'm not sure how many we are directly competing with.

For those playing along at home here are our stats so far:
# of times this property was included in search results 3814
# of requests for detail pages about this property 398
# of times Showing Time button has been clicked 6
# of Virtual Tours run for this property 27
# of people who currently have this property saved 2


Welcome to the Circus that is our lives

Val and I came to the realization that neither of us blog enough to really have a blog, so we are combining forces.

No longer will you have to follow 2 seperate links or have 2 different feeds to see that we have nothing to say. Now you just need one bookmark.

So here we go!